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Thursday, 20 January 2022 12:32


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Beautiful views, exciting destinations, culinary delights, and chic surrounds, cruising is the ultimate luxury vacation. But wait, what about the delicate covid situation? The news is good. You don’t have to keep your life on hold. The knowledgeable travel advisors at Cruises International have your back.

While sensational headlines are creating considerable uncertainty, Cruises International has up-to-date facts and information for a smart approach to your vacation planning.

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Is now the time to cruise?

Much has changed since 2019 and nothing more so than the health safety standards put in place by the cruise industry. Cruise lines have reached the nearly 95% vaccination requirements internationally. The reality is that out of the millions of guests aboard cruise ships, less that .2% have tested positive for covid. That is a lower incident rate than anywhere on land.

So yes! This is the time to make lifetime memories on one of the most luxurious getaways, an ocean cruise.

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Cruise lines are leading the way with safe environments. In fact, industry trailblazers, like Celebrity Cruises, are taking extraordinary measures with new programs like Healthy at Sea. Meticulous protocols allow you to get out and enjoy the world in a safe environment. This is a reassuring addition to their sumptuous cruise experience that offers world class service and a truly indulgent escape from the everyday.

So many luxuries!

Treat yourself and your family to one of the unforgettable Celebrity Cruise destinations. The pleasures begins as soon as you step on board.

01 2022 celebrity 4Brilliant architects and designers worked together to create pampering environments on all the Celebrity ships. From your well-appointed private stateroom to restaurants with Michelin-starred chef cuisine, your onboard happenings will be as impressive as the passing sea landscape.

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Incredible destinations are a chance to immerse yourself in new sights and cultures around the world.  Island hop in the Caribbean or explore a different European port village each day.  Celebrity has endless possibilities to offer and your travel advisor at Cruises International will match you to the perfect vacation experience

01 2022 celebrity 7In between cruise excursions you will wake up refreshed to the quiet comforts of your personal retreat. While on board spend your leisure time taking a new class, having a spa day, or meeting up with friends for live music and cocktails on deck. Entertainment options surround you 24/7 so you can do as much or as little as you like. It’s all about you on Celebrity!

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And did you know, on Celebrity Cruises, it’s all included!

There are no additional charges or complicated decisions when planning your vacation. Everything you need is already packaged nicely together so you know the complete cost in advance. And by the way, luxury is their standard.

Cruises International has the expertise to make it happen

At a time like this, the travel advisors at Cruises International earn their reputation for excellence. They only represent cruise lines with the highest quality standards. With all the confusing and rapidly changing possibilities for travel, now is not the time to go it alone. Cruises International will help you understand and navigate the details to select a vacation that is just right for you. If by chance anything should change worldwide, their advisors have over 40 years’ worth of connections throughout the industry to auto-correct and ensure the hassle-free vacation of your dreams.

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